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I, Eliza White Buffalo, am an ancestral shaman, trained in this life from early childhood by my twin spirit, Lakota Holy Man Black Elk. I am gifted to be able to communicate with many shamanic spirits and totems. I have worked with soul retrieval and past life reading for over 17 years, although I would say I have been reading past lives for all of this life, since connecting people to the past was something I always did without trying. In practice, past life reading was always a fundamental aspect of all my spiritual work. Recently, my spirit team have encouraged me to offer this service in this week event.


When you sign up for this event, I will journey for soul loss retrieval into your past lives – a soul loss retrieval with me usually involves more than one lifetime, as it is usually more than one incarnation that results in a current life difficulty. I will be doing these retrievals all week, so it is first come first served. I will email you with the results/outcome as soon as I come back from your past lives.  I only do this work on specific dates,see at the head of this page.



Many illnesses and fears are founded in a past incarnation, and the energy continues through several incarnations, maybe more. I call this THE CORE WOUND. Sometimes your life can be likened to a scab that has plastered over the crack. Sometimes there may be many plasters to strip off before you see the core wound, and it is only when you see the core wound that healing can finally take place.


I don’t….but my spirit does…and it is my spirit that journeys into the past, taking guidance from the vast array of spirits and totems of the light that are all aspects of my soul, and very often aspects of your soul too. In fact, when I journey deep enough all the spirits are one, and that one is the LIGHT. Spirit always guides me…and shows me what I need to see, and tells me what I need to know, in order to help the past souls to cross over into the light… and in doing so, leave you enlightened and free from their wounds.


I found myself thinking about a cookie cutter of all things, lol but then I saw a woman in the 1950’s with a cookie cutter in her hand, cutting out star shapes from cookie dough.
She looked the typical 50’s housewife and mother- pinny on her – hair neat with the 50’s style. I had to resist seeing it in black and white lol, reminded me of a black and white movie.
I saw her then rolling out pastry with a rolling pin, then wiping her forehead with her wrist, getting flour in her hair. Then her husband came into the kitchen and hugged her from behind – the perfect couple.
I heard – isn’t this the pretty picture?
A woman from the spirit world was speaking to me – she said -“name is Marta…. From New Orleans… born 18 99 – died 19 51 – after the war”
. I was surprised because I never got information about past lives in this way before – with the spirit telling me what I needed to know – maybe partially, but not all.
Marta was a big woman, not at all like the perfect portrayal of a 50’s housewife – she said to me – “that was only for the movies. Real women were not like that.”
Marta wore a dull red dress, with a navy blue scarf around her neck.
“Sometimes I wore it up on my head”, she told me, “if it were windy out. My hair was black when I was younger, but by the time I came around to 50 I was pretty grey. My husband didn’t look like that either”
It was then I realized it was a movie star I had been seeing lol. “He had a bald head haha” Marta laughed, “and he was short and skinny too. Like Jack Sprat and his wife, we were” she said laughing.
“So you want to hear what life was like for me then?” She asked me
I found this very amusing that she was talking to me this way. “Well I will tell you then” she said, “what have I got to lose other than what I have already lost.”
I felt a pang of sadness from her then.
She said, and I saw it as she was saying it – she said – “I was born in Louisianna, and came to live in New Orleans in the 20’s with my new husband. I had good mind to be a nurse, but children took over. I have six of them – little darlings they were – 2 boys and 4 girls – all healthy cept the littlest one – my little Mark. He was poorly since birth – weak jointed and couldn’t walk too well…. He had a little brace on his leg – was the cutest thing you ever saw. By the time the war came around, and my Bill was out with the rest of them doin his bit, young Mark was only 3. It was tough minding all them children with him gone, and I don’t mind saying there were times I hated him for being so far away and living a bachelor life, but I heard the reports, and I saw how many telegrams other wives were getting to say their man was never coming home, so I stomached it, and got myself a help. She was black – we called them coloureds in them days” she said.
I told her we don’t call people black nowadays either.
She went on – “Her name was Gilly, and we loved her you know…. I loved her like she was my own best friend in the world. Her man was gone fighting too – we often wondered if they knew each other over there. It was 1943 when wee Mark got very ill. Gilly had been great – helping with the other kids while I sat with Mark hour in hour out. He sweated something fierce, and I had to change his pyjamas often. It was Malaria. Didn’t know it at the time, but that’s what it was that killed my poor Mark. He was only little, and we buried him shortly after his fourth birthday. Just me and Gilly, and the kids, my husband was not home you see – and never came home either for that matter – I still have not found him – I wanted you to find him – that is why I came to speak to you. I heard you find people. Well he was lost in the war, presumed dead, is what they said.”

My heart broke at hearing her say this to me. Her wee mark then her husband..and I could feel her pain so huge. But she was a proud strong woman – I could feel she never fell under the weight of grief, but she was still grieving.
So, I went into her life – from what she told me it was easy enough for me to do. It struck me how much of a sense of humour she must have had, to show me that perfect 50’s home scene first. I could hear her, as if she were breathing in my ear, when I began to see the scene at Mark’s funeral.

“He liked the roses I grew in the yard” she told me, as I saw a whole bunch of yellow roses laid on top of the wee coffin. It was lowered into the grave, and something wonderful happened. I saw her husband’s spirit there, but the man had still been alive at that stage, yet his spirit was there. He must have received news about his son’s death, and for some reason could not come home.
I followed his spirit as it left the scene, and I found myself in the mud, freezing cold, in a bunker somewhere on a battlefield. I saw the woman’s husband being sick, vomiting up bile from the pit of his stomach. His heart was broken. Gosh I was crying so much at the sight of him! His friend/comrade put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him…. But the man sank to his knees with grief. Then suddenly the whole bunker just exploded – there was nothing left of the two men, but pieces of bone and flesh scattered about. I think the device went straight down on top of them.
I had a job to do, I had to know where the man’s spirit was now…. So, I seemed to look around me for clues – I came to a grave with a man’s name on it – but the name was wrong – I knew the person they thought lay in the grave was not really him, it was Marta’s husband. I think I was in France.
I had no way of locating her husband’s spirit, but I had his remains, or at least part of his remains. It struck me – the enormity of lost bodies in world war 1. I wondered if there were more parts of other bodies in that same grave. I knelt down at the grave and said a prayer to Padre Pio – please help me find this man’s spirit. Then I saw a very black place, and someone suffering from depression. I reached into the darkness with my hand, and my hand fell on a woman’s head… I felt her hair.

I seemed to say to her – it is going to be alright – I am here to help you since you called for help. I am going to make it okay. I had no idea how I would help her, but it seemed I could. I think that woman was the woman I was doing the soul retrieval for. I am sure it was.Then suddenly I was moving through a grey tunnel very fast…. I came to rest back in the bunker with Marta’s husband and the man he was with. This time there was a light over their heads… I focused on the light until the explosion came again, but this time the two men’s spirits went into the light. I followed them – found them wandering shell shocked and completely empty in their minds. I took both of them home with me, through the grey tunnel and back to the woman, and into her subconscious mind. The tunnel became lit up, and the darkness around the woman was gone. The two men began to talk… as if they had just passed away, asking what happened? Am I dead? Then I heard the little boy crying for his father…and Marta’s husband turned around to see Marta holding their little Mark. I thought my heart would burst.

This is just a sample of a recent retrieval – they are not all like this – some have several lifetimes in them, but all of them have an opening of the subconscious, releasing old energy from this life that was patterned from a past life.


1 – Let me know you wish to have a soul loss retrieval.

2 – Then send the energy exchange of £55 to PayPal The Two Roads Light Foundation is a non profit company, so you will be helping people in crisis by adding to the fund. Here is a direct link:


3 – If you meditate or sleep whilst I am journeying, it will help, especially if you are asleep, but it is not necessary. You might be at work, and that is fine.

4 – I will email you with the details.


COST – £55