“The Rose, my dear hearts, is the epitome of the Mother’s Love, the essence of The Divine Feminine Source of sustenance and care. The vibrational essence of the rose meets that of the highest love in these heaven worlds and also in the physical world. Angels will use the rose and the scent of the rose to carry their touch into your world, and the burnt aroma of rose petals will carry compassion into the darkest of despair. The rose is symbolic of the feminine source and expression of that source, and so the petals are folded sensually and only open to the light of the Christ Energy. The thorns are symbolic of the wounds of Christ, the suffering of the Beloved Child of Source, producing the flow of blood and tears to cleanse the world of ignorance and pain. My dear hearts, all you who cry out of the wilderness, My God, why have you forsaken me?, know that within your wounds lies the truth of the most beautiful love you will ever know. Never be afraid to turn inwards to your wounds, but allow them to open to the light of your awareness, and they shall open wide to reveal trust and innocence, ready to receive the compassion and healing of Beloved Source. This is a poem I spoke to Eliza, my beautiful Rose; Where Beauty is There Am I.”

In the petal, in the leaf, and in the early dew of morn.
In silent rays of light that fall o’er field of golden corn.
How beautiful the newborn child that, from its Mother’s breast,
Takes first the sustenance of earth and breathes the Father’s breath.
Where beauty lives, and beauty is, there Am I, it is My face.
T’is I that warms your spirit so, with that Amazing Grace.
Look for me in fields of corn and in the glistening dew.
And when the thorns are all you find, know, I am there for you.
For beauty comes in many ways. At times it’s not so bright.
How can the rose know her strength without thorns to aide her flight?
Where beauty shines, and beauty is, tho in darkness it may dwell,
There Am I, it is My Love. It is the healing well,
That speaks to you throughout the night, so that, when day doth break,
The guiding whispers that you heard, shall call on you to wake.
Awaken now! And see your light, the beauty that you are,
And know that, in the darkest thorn there is a shining star.
Where beauty is, there Am I.
Look within, for you are beautiful.

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