My dear hearts, there are raccoon people in the world who would get a sense of themselves by patterning themselves on you…. so much so they may even view your ideas and dreams as their own dreams, and need your validation in order to feel good.  In a way I guess this can be flattering, that someone may find you so fascinating that they want to be like you, but it is best to be an inspiration and not a template.

Keep your ‘pearls’ to yourself, use discernment when it comes to knowing who to trust with your intimacy.  Intimacy must be earned with respect, and although it is good to have an open heart and mind, you must also balance that with awareness of your environment and what dangers may lurk there.

Please do not take what I say here and do nothing with it other than adopt a sense of self protection; for this is not what I intend to help you understand here.  What I hope you will understand is you create healthy boundaries when you have an open heart, an honest heart, a loving heart, and at the same time you are not a fool who hands his vulnerable heart to the hands of one who would abuse it.

Let me say this:  UNTIL THE DAY YOU KNOW YOU CAN NEVER BE LESSENED OR TAKEN FROM IN ANY WAY, NOT YOUR HEART, NOR YOUR DREAMS, YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED TO CREATE BOUNDARIES WITH THOSE WHO ARE NEEDY WITHIN.  Unconditional love is what you all truly aspire to know within, but until that day in which all are aligned with unconditional love, you do not be a source of other people’s sense of self worth. Can you imagine a world where every person that comes into your life needs to be validated by you? Not nice, no?  What if you imagine a world where every person coming into your life is filled up with their own sense of self worth, and so can give unconditionally to you a healthy space with which to relate your ideas and dreams?  Much better, yes?

If you feel into it now, can you agree that when someone appears to need your validation, ‘hanging on to’ your every word and deed and making it their own word and deed, you feel as if they have exhausted you; you may even feel angry?  This is a normal response to ‘energy suckers’ and ‘parrots’…or RACCOONS.

Raccoon teaches you to be aware of what you are giving away when you are naively trusting in others, and to ‘see beyond’ the masks people wear, but with this concept Raccoon is also teaching you how to remove the mask within yourself, so that you can see clearly the truth that your dreams are your own, no-one can ever completely copy or steal your dreams, for they are not you, and you alone are the exact recipe for what is perfect for you.

Dear hearts, this is a difficult one for many – boundaries!  Human beings are so ready to seek validation in the world around them, but all is within, and within is where the change must happen, so that validation is something that can never be taken away.  You are ok just as you are, and you have all the tools within you need to fulfil the dreams of your soul.  When you know this you will neither give your pearls away nor seek to covet other people’s pearls.




. Raccoon also asks us what mask do you think you wear at times to hide your true self? What about others – are they wearing masks to hide their intentions from you? I find that when I am silent and present in my higher energy that is when masked people reveal themselves. It’s all learning I guess…and I have not graduated from this lesson yet but I intend to get a distinction ha ha

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