It’s Time! to get physical…our bodies are changing. Over the next phase of human life – a 33 year period that began last year (2019), an 11 year, physical change will take place in the human anatomy. Not only will humans look more transparent, young for longer, but they will also have a higher functioning nervous system than we have now. It begins with us, developing the ethereal higher functioning glands within our own system. New babies will be born with increasingly new super glands, and a brain that is using much more of its potential. Children will not be asked to ‘fit in’ to a ‘normal’ – they will set the pace for what is not deemed normal but deemed most useful for earth at this time.

When we truly think about it – what is changing is not the human body, but the human attitude towards the human body!!!

My spirit group of 81 spirit entities, comes from ancient Lemuria. Twin Flames of that group, Mer People, Avalyn and Andru, is ready to begin speaking, giving a series of instructions, and I will pass the info onto this platform for now. The first set of directions, is a series of gland updates – recalibrations – we have the Thymus Gland, spleen, and thyroid activation ready.

click here for the THYMUS GLAND RECALIBRATION – a Kumari – Lemurian Activation

click here for the SPLEEN RECALIBRATION – a Gate Keeper – activation of energy filter

click here for the THYROID RECALIBRATION – Initiating God Self

click here for the PITUITARY RECALIBRATION – Manna from Heaven

clicke here for the ADRENAL GLANDS RECABLIBRATION – The Grandmother’s Way