The various spirits I work with have been dispensing certain treatments to the human energy field, activations of the higher frequency dna of the new earth human body.  The spirits give me a date on which to hold physical ground for the activations to be dispensed, usually dates of mathematical conditions of change ie. shifts.  Below are the dates of each activation, and a link to the event coming up.  We deliberately keep the contribution cost as very low so as to make it affordable to most, and proceeds go to the fund to help those in crisis.

7th February ’19:                             £6           Transform your Sexual Energetic Field – click here   

22nd February ’19:                    –    £11            Twin Flame Activation – click here

8th May 2019                             –    £8.88        Unblocking the flow of abundance – click here

6th June 2019                                    £6        Transforming your sexual energetic field – click here