The North of the Wheel


“Dear Hearts,  the year is shown clearly on the medicine wheel below.  All wheels are circles showing the path of life, the path of creation and death, and continuous existence and non existence of light.  All that exists is non permanent, following a cycle, an orbit around the great central sun which itself flows and ebbs.  The source of this cycle is Source Itself, a mystery, deep within the blackness of nothingness, beyond the womb of all things; and through the Great Feminine shall It flow forth and rise into flesh, to die and begin in the one breath.

In the movement around the wheel, we see not only the seasons of the year, but the day and the movement of the sun around the day, from being born in the east, full in the south, dying in the west, and returning to the source in the mystery of the north, the great black unknown through which all light comes.  We also see the natural cycle of a lifetime and an era time, but for today let us be mindful of the Winter of the North.

medicine wheel showing seasons of the year

medicine wheel showing seasons of the year

After coming to a natural death in the West, all life, the breath of Source Itself, the Holy Word or The Sun/Son of God, that is to also say the Soul, shall make its natural progression on the cycle towards the Winter in the North.  The soul is to rest in the respite of silence, the space between life and death.  Held in the womb of darkness, the soul is cloaked with a blanket of white light, just like a foetus in the womb of its mother, all needs provided, all preparations for new life are here; and we can say these preparations are the highest good for the soul’s continuing journey.

By midwinter the soul is ready to be flooded once again with the light that is the Breath of Source, and so it makes its natural progression into the East of its journey, to rise again in the Spring, in the morning of each new breath, new day, new life, new era.  Alleluia!  The Sun/Son is born into the world, the Light of the World has risen…  Happy Solstice, Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah!  Heh Great Spirit!

Whilst the soul is in the winter or north of its cycle, it must rest in the silence therein, having let go of all, and forgiven ( forward given )  itself over to the Mother/Father Source.  This is a time to surrender to the great mystery, and reflect, so spend time this winter in quiet reflection and meditative occupation, and be prepared to let go of all that does not serve the highest good of your soul.  All that I have spoken of is found in the moment that is now….the breath…with its pause between the ebbing sigh and the inevitable flow.

The journey of the soul is but the breath of God”



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